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It's likely that the new house you buy isn't really "new." The average age of a house in America is 34 years, and sales of newly constructed homes are minimal in comparison to those of older homes. Many people never ever bother to look in the attic, but if you did, you may be shocked at how badly kept this important part of your house is.

Call Charlotte Water Damage Restoration for really professional attic cleaning services if you have moved into a "new" property. We are experts in clearing trash from attics and cleaning them, and we can also completely check for rat infestations and make sure your current insulation is up to code.

The fact that most attics in the US are now insufficiently insulated shouldn't be shocking. Attic insulation is sometimes inadequate in new houses. Cleaning out your attic is the first step to ensure that your attic insulation is operating correctly. Our attic cleaning professionals are fully licensed, covered by insurance, and trained to do attic cleaning services as well as look for any other problems that your roof could be covering up.

Following the attic cleaning and debris clearance, we can provide you an exact price for removing the old insulation and installing new insulation. If you live in an older house where the roof may have leaked before you moved in and may have significantly harmed your existing insulation, a complete attic cleaning will identify any difficulties.

After cleaning the attic and checking for appropriate ventilation and any possible rat infestation, we may decide to install new blown-in cellulose insulation. In the winter, this insulation performs far better than fiberglass insulation. Unknown to many, fiberglass insulation may lose up to 40% of its efficacy in cold weather.

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