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When addressing flooding and water damage, timing is crucial. We can locate the source of the flooding, stop the flooding, provide complete extraction and structural drying, and then fully restore and rebuild. This applies to flooding caused by broken or leaky pipes, sink overflows, malfunctioning refrigerators, dishwashers, or washing machines, and flooding caused by storms or hurricanes in attics or crawlspaces. Our water damage restoration process is detailed below in short. Calling us as soon as water damage occurs is critical to preserving as much of your property as possible. Our water restoration specialists start water extraction as soon as we receive your emergency call and they arrive. After extraction, they will dry out the area with powerful dehumidifiers to eliminate any extra moisture the damaged area may have. When that process is complete, we will immediately start cleaning up any excess mud or dirt. After removing everything from the site, it is time to start cleaning all impacted surfaces and applying antimicrobials to stop potential mold development.

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